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分享 Biotechnology for Biofuels:比较转录组学鉴定柳枝稷幼苗发育的关键基因
2019-8-9 14:46
Comparative transcriptome analysis provides key insights into seedling development in switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum L.) First author: s humeng Zhang ; Affiliations: Northwest AF University ( 西北农林科技大学 ): Yangling,China C orrespo ...
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分享 PNAS:黄瓜顶端优势建立的遗传基础
2019-8-8 14:40
CsBRC1 inhibits axillary bud outgrowth by directly repressing the auxin efflux carrier CsPIN3 in cucumber First author: Junjun Shen; Affiliations: China Agricultural University ( 中国农业大学 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: Xiaol ...
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分享 Nature Plants:两个Y染色体编码基因控制猕猴桃的性别决定
2019-8-7 14:43
Two Y-chromosome-encoded genes determine sex in kiwifruit First author: Takashi Akagi ; Affiliations: Kyoto University ( 日本京都大学 ): Kyoto , Japan C orresponding author: Takashi Akagi Dioecy, the presence of male and ...
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分享 Nature Communications:植物母体组织通过赤霉素信号控制胚柄的细胞程序性死亡
2019-8-6 14:39
Maternal control of suspensor programmed cell death via gibberellin signaling First author: Ce Shi; Affiliations: Wuhan University(武汉大学):Wuhan, China Corresponding author: Meng-Xiang Sun Plant embryos are generated and develop in a stab ...
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分享 Molecular Plants:植物维持生长与抗性动态平衡的反馈调控回路
2019-8-5 15:40
DELLA and EDS1 Form A Feedback Regulatory Module to Fine-tune Plant Growth-Defense Tradeoff in Arabidopsis First author: Yuge Li; Affiliations: CASSouth China Botanical Garden(中科院华南植物园):Guangzhou, China Corresponding author: Xingliang ...
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分享 Plant Biotechnol J:拟南芥和玉米叶片发育的比较转录组学
2019-8-4 16:30
Comparative transcriptomics enables the identification of functional orthologous genes involved in early leaf growth First author: Jasmien Vercruysse ; Affiliations: Ghent University(根特大学):Gent, Belgium C orresponding author: Dirk Inzé ...
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分享 Current Biology:维管植物演化过程中分生组织无限生长转变的分子基础
热度 1 2019-8-3 15:47
A KNOX-Cytokinin Regulatory Module Predates the Origin of Indeterminate Vascular Plants First author: Yoan Coudert; Affiliations: University of Cambridge(剑桥大学):Cambridge,UK Corresponding author: C. Jill Harrison The diverse forms ...
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分享 Communications Biology:稻属物种叶绿体基因组演化促进其适应不同的生态环境
2019-8-2 14:27
Evolution of Oryza chloroplast genomes promoted adaptation to diverse ecological habitats First author: Li-Zhi Gao; Affiliations: CASKunming Institute of Botany(中科院昆明植物研究所):Kunming, China Corresponding author: Li-Zhi Gao ...
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分享 Nature Communications:转座子的转位偏向于产生能够加速物种适应的突变
2019-8-1 15:06
Transposition favors the generation of large effect mutations that may facilitate rapid adaption First author: Leandro Quadrana ; Affiliations: PSL Research University(巴黎文理研究大学):Paris,France C orresponding author: Vincent Colot ...
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分享 eLife:两个调控拟南芥侧根细胞各向异性生长的分子机制
2019-7-31 14:33
Two mechanisms regulate directional cell growth in Arabidopsis lateral roots First author: Charlotte Kirchhelle ; Affiliations: University of Oxford(牛津大学):Oxford, UK C orresponding author: Charlotte Kirchhelle Morphog ...
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