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分享 Genome Biology:拟南芥生物钟与染色质修饰的反馈回路调控日间基因表达
2019-8-23 15:06
Diurnal regulation of SDG2 and JMJ14 by circadian clock oscillators orchestrates histone modification rhythms in Arabidopsis First author: Qingxin Song ; Affiliations: The University of Texas at Austin ( 德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校 ): & ...
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分享 Science:玉米株型调控及密集种植产量增收的分子机制
2019-8-22 14:54
Teosinte ligule allele narrows plant architecture and enhances high-density maize yields First author: Jinge Tian ; Affiliations: China Agricultural University ( 中国农业大学 ): Beijing,China C orresponding author: Feng Tian ...
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分享 Trends in Plant Science:机遇与挑战 -- 从数据分析到改良育种
2019-8-21 15:00
Challenges of Translating Gene Regulatory Information into Agronomic Improvements First author: Nathan Springer ; Affiliations: University of Minnesota ( 明尼苏达大学 ): St Paul,USA C orresponding author: Nathan Springer Improve ...
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分享 PLOS Biology:拟南芥通过整合局部信号协调整体的生物钟周期
2019-8-20 14:51
Coordinated circadian timing through the integration of local inputs in Arabidopsis thaliana First author: Mark Greenwood; Affiliations: University of Cambridge ( 剑桥大学 ): Cambridge, UK Corresponding author: James C. W. Locke Indi ...
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分享 Plant Physiology:水稻地上部分依赖于光照的向重力性分子调控机制
2019-8-19 15:00
The rice actin-binding protein RMD regulates light-dependent shoot gravitropism First author: Yu Song ; Affiliations: Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( 上海交通大学 ): Shanghai, China Corresponding author: Dabing Zhang Light and gravity ar ...
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分享 Nature Communications:植物昼夜节律调控草甘膦除草剂的效用性
2019-8-18 16:30
Plant circadian rhythms regulate the effectiveness of a glyphosate-based herbicide First author: Fiona E. Belbin; Affiliations: University of Bristol ( 布里斯托大学 ): Bristol,UK Corresponding author: Antony N. Dodd Herbicides in ...
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分享 PNAS:自然群体中大效应突变存在的理由~增加特定环境条件下的适应性
2019-8-17 17:56
Large-effect flowering time mutations reveal conditionally adaptive paths through fitness landscapes in Arabidopsis thaliana First author: Mark A. Taylor ; Affiliations: University of California,Davis ( 加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校 ): CA, USA C ...
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分享 Plant Cell:植物低温响应后期的生长恢复机制
2019-8-16 14:07
BRASSINOSTEROID-INSENSITIVE2 Negatively Regulates the Stability of Transcription Factor ICE1 in Response to Cold Stress in Arabidopsis First author: Keyi Ye ; Affiliations: China Agricultural University ( 中国农业大学 ): Beijing, China C orresponding a ...
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分享 Nature Physics:细胞大小限制了细胞的极性和不对称分裂
2019-8-15 14:38
A cell-size threshold limits cell polarity and asymmetric division potential First author: Lars Hubatsch ; Affiliations: The Francis Crick Institute ( 弗朗西斯·克里克研究所 ): London, UK C orresponding author: Nathan W. Goehring Reac ...
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分享 J EXP BOT:AtNSE1和AtNSE3基因作用于拟南芥的早期胚胎发生
2019-8-14 15:03
AtNSE1 and AtNSE3 are required for formation of embryo pattern and maintenance of cell viability during Arabidopsis embryogenesis First author: Gang Li ; Affiliations: Wuhan University ( 武汉大学 ): Wuhan,China C ...
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