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Current Biology:拟南芥STM基因的自激活回路维持腋分生组织活性
2020-4-10 08:02
A Self-Activation Loop Maintains Meristematic CellFate for Branching First author: Xiuwei Cao ; Affiliations: CASInstitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology ( 中科院遗传与发育生物学研究所 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: ...
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Plant Communications:拟南芥隐花色素CRY1影响分枝,从而改变植株的株型结构
2020-4-9 09:57
Cryptochrome 1 Inhibits Shoot Branching by Repressing the Self-activated Transcription Loop of PIF4 in Arabidopsis First author: Huawei Zhai ; Affiliations: CAASInstitute of Crop Science ( 中国农科院作物科学研究所 ): Beijing, China Co ...
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J EXP BOT:拟南芥一个UBL/UBA蛋白作用于花粉发育
2020-4-8 08:07
Arabidopsis RAD23B regulates pollen development by mediating KRP1 degradation First author: Lan Li ; Affiliations: Hunan University ( 湖南大学 ): Changsha , China Corresponding author: Xuanming Liu The ubiquitin (Ub)/26S proteasome system (U ...
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Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics:油桐基因组揭示油脂高产的遗传基础
2020-4-7 07:43
Tung Tree( Vernicia fordii ) Genome Provides A Resource for Understanding Genome Evolution and Improved Oil Production First author: Lin Zhang ; Affiliations: Central South University of Forestry and Technology ( 中南林业科技大学 ): Changsha, C ...
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Nature Communications:山苍子基因组揭示樟科的演化
2020-4-6 10:15
The Litsea genome and the evolution of the laurel family First author: Yi-Cun Chen ; Affiliations: State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Chinese Academy of Forestry ( 林科院林木遗传育种国家重点实验室 ): Beijing, China C ...
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2020-4-5 08:56
Water lily ( Nymphaea thermarum ) genome reveals variable genomic signatures of ancient vascular cambium losses First author: Rebecca A. Povilus ; Affiliations: Harvard University ( 哈佛大学 ): Cambridge, USA Corresponding author: William ...
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Plant Cell:CUC2/CUC3-DA1-UBP15模块调控拟南芥腋生分生组织起始
2020-4-4 12:51
Control of Plant Branching by theCUC2/CUC3-DA1-UBP15Regulatory Module First author: Yu Li ; Affiliations: CASInstitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology ( 中科院遗传与发育生物学研究所 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: ...
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New Phytologist:金银花基因组
2020-4-3 09:28
The honeysuckle genome provides insight into the molecular mechanism of carotenoid metabolism underlying dynamic flower coloration First author: Xiangdong Pu ; Affiliations: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College ( 中国医学科学 ...
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Horticulture Research:川苔草基因组
2020-4-2 18:03
A high-quality genome provides insights into the new taxonomic status and genomic characteristics of Cladopus chinensis (Podostemaceae) First author: Ting Xue ; Affiliations: Fujian Normal University ( 福建师范大学 ): Fuzhou, China Cor ...
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Horticulture Research:文竹基因组
2020-4-2 18:02
Chromosome-level genome assembly, annotation and evolutionary analysis of the ornamental plant Asparagus setaceus First author: Shu-Fen Li ; Affiliations: Henan Normal University ( 河南师范大学 ): Xinxiang, China Corresponding author: ...
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