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分享 Nature Communications:薇甘菊基因组
2020-1-19 18:08
Mikania micrantha genome provides insights into the molecular mechanism of rapid growth First author: Bo Liu ; Affiliations: Guangdong Laboratory of Lingnan Modern Agriculture ( 岭南现代农业科学与技术广东省实验室 ): Shenzhen, China Corresponding au ...
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分享 Current Biology:BOP抑制叶片形成是根茎和匍匐茎植物保守的分子机制
2020-1-18 07:24
Suppression of Leaf Blade Development by BLADE-ON-PETIOLE Orthologs Is a Common Strategy for Underground Rhizome Growth First author: Taiyo Toriba ; Affiliations: Tohoku University ( 东北大学 ): Sendai,Japan C orresponding author: Junk ...
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分享 Current Biology:水杨酸通过靶向蛋白磷酸酶介导植物的生长衰减
2020-1-17 04:23
Salicylic Acid Targets Protein Phosphatase 2A to Attenuate Growth in Plants First author: Shutang Tan ; Affiliations: Institute of Science and Technology ( 奥地利 科学技术研究所 ): Klosterneuburg, Austria C orresponding author: Jiří ...
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分享 PNAS:银杏为啥能活辣么久?
2020-1-16 01:09
Multifeature analyses of vascular cambial cells reveal longevity mechanisms in old Ginkgo biloba trees First author: Li Wang ; Affiliations: Yangzhou University ( 扬州大学 ) : Yangzhou, China C orresponding author: Jinxing Lin ...
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分享 Nature Plants:油菜泛基因组
2020-1-15 07:26
Eight high-quality genomes reveal pan-genome architecture and ecotype differentiation of Brassica napus First author: Jia-Ming Song ; Affiliations: Huazhong Agricultural University ( 华中农业大学 ): Wuhan,China Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Molecular Plant:植物热胁迫响应的分子调控机制
2020-1-14 04:24
YODA-HSP90 module regulates phosphorylation-dependent inactivation of SPEECHLESS to control stomatal development under acute heat stress in Arabidopsis First author: Despina Samakovli ; Affiliations: Palacky University Olomouc ( 帕拉斯基大学 ) : Olomou ...
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分享 Plant Cell:拟南芥AtNDX蛋白调控ABA信号转导
2020-1-13 03:00
The Arabidopsis Nodulin Homeobox Factor AtNDX Interacts with AtRING1A/B and Negatively Regulates Abscisic Acid Signaling First author: Yujuan Zhu ; Affiliations: China Agricultural University ( 中国农业大学 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Horticulture Research:芹菜基因组
2020-1-12 16:59
The genome sequence of celery ( Apium graveolens L.), an important leaf vegetable crop rich in apigenin in the Apiaceae family First author: Meng-Yao Li ; Affiliations: Nanjing Agricultural University ( 南京农业大学 ): Nanjing, China Corresponding a ...
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分享 Communications Biology:拟南芥SIZ1蛋白中PHD结构域对于其发挥功能至关重要
2020-1-11 06:06
The PHD finger of Arabidopsis SIZ1 recognizes trimethylated histone H3K4 mediating SIZ1 function and abiotic stress response First author: Kenji Miura ; Affiliations: University of Tsukuba ( 筑波大学 ): Tsukuba, Japan Corresponding author: Kenji Mi ...
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分享 Cell Reports:STCH4作用于拟南芥低温胁迫抗性
2020-1-10 06:15
STCH4/REIL2 Confers Cold Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis by Promoting rRNA Processing and CBF Protein Translation First author: Hasi Yu ; Affiliations: CASCenter of Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences ( 中科院上海植物逆境生物学研究中心 ) : Sha ...
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