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May you a merry Christmas and happy new year
2009-12-23 17:16
Here isonePPT I received and then translated and edited. Hope you'd like it. If you like it, don't forget to tell me! hehe PPT附件: 圣诞英文贺卡
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天上不会掉馅饼: 我收到的几封英文诈骗信
热度 7 2009-9-27 11:57
There is no pie from the Sky--several swindling letters I am sure many peoplehave oncereceived such swindling letters. In&nb ...
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First time to write sth here
2009-9-24 16:16
When I searched one article by google, I found the sciencenet and read many good articles. Then I decided to open a blog on the sciencenet too. Today after I searched one friend's information on the net, I then decided to make a detailed plan and work harder. More time on work and work-rel ...
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