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Ecuadorian People厄瓜多尔人
2019-7-11 09:56
In this March, I went to Cuenca of Eduador to attend an international conference in Cuenca and visited two univerisities in Cuenca and Loja and one research institute in Quito, and met many Ecuadorian people. Some of them look like Nepalian and one Ecuadorian scholar also said the Nepalian t ...
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2019-1-14 18:43
Sites: Kings' Cross Station (Railway station) Date: 2015-10-10(London Time) 在英国南部城市珀斯和在伦敦,都能看到拿着吉它,在街头尽力表演的艺人,令人吃惊的是他们演唱水平都非常高,完全可以与唱片中的演唱水平相蓖美。有的是为了挣几个生活费,有的是为了卖唱片,还有的是振灾或者是捐款表演,有 ...
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2018-12-23 18:55
办理出国签证是一件费力费钱的事。持因公普通公务护照出访签证更是手续麻烦。今天因为一位外国学者告知前往厄瓜多尔参加国际会议不用办理签证,于是上网一搜,发现持因公普通公务护照前往数十个国家都不需要办理签证,已有有心人梳理准备了持公务普通护照免签出访的国家列表。今拷贝放在此处,方便 ...
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Thailand (6) : Attending the 49th birthday of LDD
2018-11-19 22:46
The 49th anniversary celebration on the foundation of the Land Development Department let the attenders feel warm, cozy and in ease. Here no formal meeting is held. No leaders make speech to the attenders. The celebration is similar to a family gathering. It's a gala for people from a ...
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Thailand-A practical country (4)
2018-11-19 22:28
Thailand is a practical country, a neutral country. In my impression, the officials, researchers, and technicians do very practical work, unlike the counterparts in China. We visit the soil museum established by the Land Development Department (LDD), the royal agricultural projects, and some other ...
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Thailand-A place full of flowers and fruits (3)
2018-11-19 22:22
Thai people like flowers and sculpture. And the tropical climate is suitable for tropical flowers and fruits. Outside the hotels, the office buildings, university campus, scenic spots, flowers are everywhere. People decorate their offices, restaurants, classrooms with bright flowers. Various tropi ...
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Thailand-A Buddhist Country (2)
2018-11-19 21:49
Thailand is a Buddhist country (see the figures below). Everywhere you can see the scene related to Buddhism. Besides the Grand Palace and other various Buddhist temples, administrative staffs' offices and the school classrooms also have Buddhas or decorations related to Buddhism. The lo ...
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Thailand: A beautiful country (1)
2018-11-19 21:36
In May 2012, at the invitation of the Land Development Department of Thailand, we visited two universities as well as several research and administrative institutions in Thailand, and three Royal Projects in 5 days' journey. This Thailand journey gave me deep depression on various aspect ...
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2018-8-21 19:18
过境英国特别事多而且费钱! 同一机场不同航站楼需要签证; 同一机场甚至同一航站楼也需要签证! 在办理挪威签证前订了从挪威到伦敦希思罗机场,再从伦敦希思罗机场返回成都的机票。挪威的签证拿到了,可是过境希思罗机场的事麻烦了。我是从希思罗机场的T2到T4转国内航空公司南方航空的航班。经过很多波折,终于得 ...
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Rome architecture-Gates and Windows
2018-3-28 21:45
Architecture in Rome is famous, and has attracted artists, architect and students in architecture desgin around the world to visit and learn, of course attracted travellors around the world to come. Different styles of splendid andgorgeous architecture have been prese ...
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