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This cup is not that cup

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Since there was no demand for cakes any more thanks to Punahou's education on eating healthy foods, I stopped making them. But, a friend's molasses gingerbread triggered a new demand this holiday season, and I decided to go along. Well, it turned out it's not easy if you haven't done any baking for a while (say for more than two years).

I searched the Web for a recipe, which is easy. I knew I wanted to make a gingerbread with more than ground ginger, which means the ingredients should include some cloves (so it's more like ginger/spice type). Everything seemed to be going well with the dry ingredients, until I started to measuring wet ones. OMG, I used the cup for rice cooking for measuring flour! Thank goodness it was NOT too late to correct such a mistake... I also knew that I could sub butter with cooking oil, and cut back on molasses by 1/3.

Baking using a small toaster oven takes experience. After one batch, I know that I need to raise the temperature just a little, if I want to bake again.

Happy New Year!

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