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Physical Oceanographers at Beida

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My host is a physical oceanographer at Beida, Prof. Yang. I was fortunate enough to attend his bi-weekly group meeting.The meeting was held at a cafe off campus. During the meeting yesterday afternoon, three students presented their latest research, or their reading of a new publication of their interest. I was very impressed with these students, and the questions raised by Prof. Yang. As far as I can tell, their training is no less than what they could get in the US. In terms of technology, they are ahead, using iPad linked to a (mother) laptop. (Yeah, I still refuse to have an iPad, not because of my age.)

During my two-day visit, I also had a chance to interact with their new PO (physical oceanography) faculty, under "Bairen Project." I admire his courage to teach two new courses during his first year at Beida, for doing so you had to give up his research for the semester. I wish him, and the PO program, the very best.

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