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How to make one slide for a 3-min talk

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This is a format that I really like, much better than the 15-min talk (because I don't have to waste 15 mins on a topic I don't care about).

I thought it is interesting to share how my colleagues put in their one slide.

This first speaker cares about the space so much so that he didn't put the title or the authors on the slide. Just eight panels to deliver his results, which were effective. Still, I think he could have shown, and should show, the title and authors.

Then, a senior scientist put out a slide that was impossible to read: full of figures and writing. Right, he may be a good scientist, but he can learn from his younger colleagues about how to make one slide better.

You can make a bad slide by
1) using a LONG title (two lines or longer);
2) adding all affiliations to half a dozen co-authors;
3) showing many panels/figures;
4) writing out a long list of conclusions.

You know what I want to say...

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