[J-2014] Influence of Chatter on Machining Distortion

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Advances in Mechanical Engineering
Volume 2014, Article ID 329564, 7 pages

Influence of Chatter on Machining Distortion for

Thin-Walled Component Peripheral Milling

Qinghua Song, Zhanqiang Liu, and Xing Ai

[Abstract] In specific industrial applications like very thin - walled aeronautical structures or turbine blades, workpiece vibration isstrongly dominant in comparison with spindle - tool set vibration. A method forpredicting the dynamic stable lobe diagram (DSLD) of thin - walled componentperipheral milling process is proposed, which takes into account the variationsof dynamic characteristics of workpiece with the tool position. A specific DSLDis elaborated by scanning the dynamic properties of workpiece along the machineddirection throughout themachining process. And, based on the results ofstability prediction for thin - walled component milling, influences of chatteronmachining distortion (including cutting distortion and secular distortion)are investigated through specifying cutting conditions. Then these results arecompared and verified by milling experiments.

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