加拿大秘密Canada's Secret

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蒙特利尔的未经处理的污水按计划进行倾倒进圣劳伦斯河Montreal's raw sewage to bedumped into St. Lawrence River as planned。蒙特利尔市长今早在CBC电视陈述,不得不将未经处理的污水按计划倾倒入圣劳伦斯河,没有任何选择。

Montreal plansto carry out a massive sewage dump later this month, pouring eight billionlitres of waste into the St. Lawrence River over the objections of downstreamresidents, environmentalists and at least one New York State senator.

A freeway demolition is forcing the city to move amajor snow-melt collector, which requires draining the massive basin and all ofthe pipes along 30 kilometres of the city’s sewage system. For about a weekstarting Oct. 18, the city will pour about one-third of its raw sewage fromstorm drains, homes and industry into the river.

Mayor Denis Coderre says there is no other choice.The city examined putting in mobile tanks or installing a $1-billion diversionsystem to collect the sewage and send it to the treatment plant, anastronomical sum for a one-week piece of infrastructure.


维多利亚的秘密:1915年以来,一直向周边胡安德富卡海峡Straitof Juan de Fuca倾倒未经处理的污水Victoria's Secret: Dumping RawSewage Like It's 1915.

处理恶心,臭,腐烂与日常垃圾,可能会花费纳税人十亿。(是的,十亿!)The icky,smelly, rotten no-good political mess that could cost taxpayers a billion.(Yes, a billion!)



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