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           "Aging is characterized by a progressive loss of physiological integrity,” 此 为因, “leading to impaired function and increased vulnerability to death.” 为果,把”衰老也看成生理退行性疾病“,于是乎

“At first sight, cancer and aging may seem to be opposite processes:                                                                       cancer is the consequence of an aberrant gain of cellular  fitness, whereas aging is characterized by    a loss of  fitness. At a deeper level, however, cancer and aging share common origins.

The time-dependent accumulation of cellular damage is widely considered to be the general cause of aging”


就有了如此高的关于衰老的哲学认识!点睛之笔 啊,值得称道!


   而且,"Here, we have attempted to identify and categorize the cellular and molecular hallmarks of aging. We propose nine candidate hallmarks that are generally considered to contribute to the aging process and together determine the aging phenotype”...... 端粒和端粒酶及端粒酶抑制剂研究的深入,抗衰老药和抗癌药物的开发又打开了一扇门!如此

 "Hopefully, these combined approaches will allow a detailed understanding of the mechanisms  underlying the hallmarks of aging and will facilitate future interventions   for improving human healthspan and longevity.“人们有了期盼!



Cell 2013 The hallmarks o aging.pdf


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