Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 201706

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2016 IF = 0.333)


数学前沿 第 12 卷 第 6 期 目录

Volume 12 Number 6

pp. 1277—1530(正文共 254 页)

Special Issue: Tensor and Hypergraph (pp. 1277-1426)

2017 December (


1277  Shmuel FRIEDLAND, Liqun QI, Yimin WEI, Qingzhi YANG

     Tensor and Hypergraph

Research articles

1279  Dongmei CHEN, Zhibing CHEN, Xiao-Dong ZHANG

     Spectral radius of uniform hypergraphs and degree sequences

1289  Haibin CHEN, Yiju WANG

     On computing minimal H-eigenvalue of sign-structured tensors

1303  Liping CHEN, Lixing HAN, Liangmin ZHOU

     Linear homotopy method for computing generalized tensor eigenpairs

1319  Jun JI, Yimin WEI

     Weighted Moore-Penrose inverses and fundamental theorem of even-order tensors with Einstein product

1339  Jie WEN, Qin NI, Wenhuan ZHU

     Rank-r decomposition of symmetric tensors

1357  Changqing XU, Yiran XU

     Tensor convolutions and Hankel tensors

1375  Lu YE, Zhongming CHEN

     Further results on B-tensors with application to location of real eigenvalues

1393  Xiying YUAN, Xuelian SI, Li ZHANG

     Ordering uniform supertrees by their spectral radii

1409  Xinzhen ZHANG, Guanglu ZHOU, Louis CACCETTA, Mohammed ALQAHTANI

     Approximation algorithms for nonnegative polynomial optimization problems over unit spheres

1427  Junping LI, Lina ZHANG

     M^X/M/c Queue with catastrophes and state-dependent control at idle time

1441  Peiyan LI, Wei GU

     Estimation of 1-dimensional nonlinear stochastic differential equations based on higher-order partial differential equation numerical scheme and its application

1457  Quanwu MU

     Diophantine inequality involving binary forms

1469  Hao WEN

     Asymptotic estimate of a twisted Cauchy-Riemann operator with Neumann boundary condition

1483  Mixia WU, Ye TIAN, Aiyi LIU

     Robust inference in linear mixed model with skew normal-symmetric error

1501  Jia ZHANG, Baijun GAO, Long MIAO

     Solvability of finite groups

1515  Min ZHANG, Jinjiang LI

     Distribution of cube-free numbers with form [n^c]


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