Frontiers of Mathematics in China 数学前沿 201705

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Frontiers of Mathematics in China (indexed by SCI,2016 IF = 0.333)


数学前沿 第 12 卷 第 5 期 目录

Volume 12 Number 5

pp. 1023—1276(正文共 254 页)

2017 October (

Research articles

1023  Mu-Fa CHEN

     Global algorithms for maximal eigenpair

1045  Zhi CHENG

     Trivial extension of Koszul algebras

1057  Yong DING, Yaoming NIU

     Maximal estimate for solutions toa class of dispersive equation with radial initial value

1085  Yinghui DONG, Kam Chuen YUEN, Guojing WANG

     Valuation of CDS counterparty risk under a reduced-form model with regime-switching shot noise default intensities

1113  Kun FAN, Rongming WANG

     Valuation of correlation options under a stochastic interest rate model with regime switching

1131  Jie FEI, Wenjuan ZHANG

     Homogeneity-preserving property of harmonic sequences from surfaces into complex Grassmann manifolds

1139  Ke GUO, Deren HAN, David Z. W. WANG, Tingting WU

     Convergence of ADMM for multi-block nonconvex separable optimization models

1163  Yu PAN, Dayue CHEN, Xiaofeng XUE

     Contact process on regular tree with random vertex weights

1183  Nathan SALAZAR, Yangbo YE

     Spectral square moments of a resonance sum for Maass forms

1201  Qi SUN, Mei ZHANG

     Harmonic moments and large deviations for supercritical branching processes with immigration

1221  Shiying WANG, Zhenhua WANG, Mujiangshan WANG, Weiping HAN

     g-Good-neighbor conditional diagnosability of star graph networks under PMC model and MM* model

1235  Wei WANG, Jingshi XU

     Multilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators and their commutators with BMO functions in variable exponent Morrey spaces

1247  Zhilan WANG, Jian ZHOU

     Generating series of intersection numbers on Hilbert schemes of points

1265  Xia YIN, Nanying YANG

     Finite groups with permutable Hall subgroups

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