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The song and memory

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Melody, voice, lyrics, story--the four levels to understand a song, at least for me.

Many years ago, I had a strong feeling on a song’s melody and the singer’s voice, but nothing more details of it. Thanks to the lucky and also destiny, now I know the lyrics and the story behind it, and then I find more beauty and feel more emotions from the song.

Meanwhile, I recall two related stories.

1.       Once upon a time in my junior high school, I have fiddled with a shortwave radio to look for something interesting, and accidentally, from the sizzle of electric current, I tuned out a piece of music with an attractive sense of rhythm and melody. At that time, I didn’t know the lyrics or the title of the song, and have never heard it again. That frequency emerged unexpectedly and disappeared quickly, being silent since then. But I can't forget it in my memory, and I think of it from time to time in my life.

2.       I vaguely remember that I have read a book whose writer may be a Soviet or European. At the beginning of the book, the writer wrote that he was travelling by train in the autumn of one year, passing through the vast plains at the time of harvest. Accidentally, he looked at outside of the car window, and caught a glimpse of a slow and lonely carriage full of straw and haystack on top of which sat a little girl with a peaceful and slightly sad face. They hurriedly glanced at each other and separated more and more distant as the train speeded along. They have never met each other again. After departing from the only single intersection, two curves in the four-dimensional space-time pursue their onward journeys, with a distance gradually becoming infinite. The picture and face in that quick glimpse are unforgettable in the writer’s subsequent life, and constantly make him imagine the life experience and story of that little girl.









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