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Current Biology:菜豆通过丢失COL2功能来放宽短日照要求

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Ancient relaxation of an obligate short-day requirement in common bean through loss of CONSTANS-like gene function

第一作者Ana M. González


通讯作者Marta Santalla


背景回顾Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is a major global food staple and source of dietary protein that was domesticated independently in Mexico and Andean South America. 

提出问题:Its subsequent development as a crop of importance worldwide has been enabled by genetic relaxation of the strict short-day requirement typical of wild forms, but the genetic basis for this change is not well understood. 

研究基础:Recently, a loss of photoperiod sensitivity was shown to result from mutations in the phytochrome photoreceptor gene Ppd/PHYA3 that arose independently within the two major domesticated lineages.

主要研究:Here, we define a second major photoperiod sensitivity locus, at which recessive alleles associate with deleterious mutations affecting the CONSTANS-like gene COL2. 

结果1-col2单倍型:A wider survey of sequence variation in over 800 diverse lines, including wild, landrace, and domesticated accessions, show that distinct col2 haplotypes are associated with early flowering in Andean and Mesoamerican germplasm. 

果2-两步适应:The relative frequencies and distributions of COL2 and PHYA3 haplotypes imply that photoperiod adaptation developed in two phases within each gene pool: an initial reduction in sensitivity through impairment of COL2 function and subsequent complete loss through PHYA3

结果3-作用机制:Gene expression analyses indicate that COL2 functions downstream of PHYA3 to repress expression of FT genes and may function in parallel with PvE1, the bean ortholog of a key legume-specific flowering repressor. 

结论:Collectively, these results define the molecular basis for a key phenological adaptation, reveal a striking convergence in the naturally replicated evolution of this major crop, and further emphasize the wider evolutionary lability of CONSTANS effects on flowering time control.

 摘 要 



**Marta Santalla**




doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2021.01.075

Journal: Current Biology

Published date: Feb 19, 2021


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