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5月11日: 科学出版社组织的SCI选刊会及中科院出版委组织的交流

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On  May 11, under the invitation of Science Press of China and the Publication Committee under Chinese Academy of Sciences, James Testa, vice president of Thomson Reuters Science, Technology, and Medical Information Group  visited the Science Press of China and made a presentation. 
In the morning, Science Press of China held a SCI journal recommendation meeting. Counterparts from the Science Press of China, from journals of Science in China and other SCI-journals, and five non-SCI journals published by the the Science Press of China, attended the meeting. Editors from the five non-SCI journals introduced their journals from the perspectives of journal features, the member composition of the editorial boards,manuscript source,respectively.Then journal editors have a short discussion with delegates from Thomson Reuters.(see 汤森路透科技与医疗信息集团James Testa一行访问科学出版社)
After the morning meeting, we several edtiors from geologcial and geographical journals (Journal of Geographical Sciences,Journal of Arid Land, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, Advances in Polar Science,Journal of Mountain Science) had a lunch together. As it's the first time for me to get to know some of them, EIC Yu made a brief introduction on the other several editors. Then I made a brief introduction about our journal and our institute, and welcome them to visit Chengdu and our institute in the future. Prof. Yao from Journal of Geographical Sciences made an interesting and accurate summary for this gathering: our several journals here represent the vastness (Journal of Geographical Sciences,Journal of Arid Land), the depth(Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology), and the height of geographical sciences(Advances in Polar Science,Journal of Mountain Science).
In the afternoon, under the invitation of Director JIN Jianhui, the Academic Activities and Publication Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, James Testa made a presentation about the SCI journal selection standards and process,and exhibited some comparative research results based on the SCI index database.Jamses Testa  also gave some suggestions on how to improve journal quality and journal impact factor.After the presentation, the meeting attendees were active in asking questions related to SCI journal selection and elimination. On the question how to improve journal impact factor, James Testa has a quip answer: Select the best manuscripts; Provide better service!


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