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One Language editing volunteer

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 Lanuage editor and peer-reviewer for JMS

As an international English journal published in China, we have to face the big problem in language fluency and accurate expression of partial manuscripts, especially those contributed by authors from China  and the mid-east countries.

With the large increase in submitted manuscript amount, JMS need a great number of  peer- reviewers.

After issuing a notice Reviewers are Wanted on the JMS web, we have got some response from volunteers for peer review and for language editing around the world.

Today, we have one volunteer from Netherland who would like to do language editing for JMS.



Letter From a languge volunteer




I'm Aamir Aziz from Leiden university The Netherlands. I'm a PhD fellow in Leiden university The Netherlands, in English Literature department. This is my final year of research before I finally defend my doctoral dissertation. I have more than a dozen international literary publications in verse and prose. Please find attached my resume. I'm interested in doing English editing/Peer review job. I'll be glad to hear from you.



Aamir Aziz

____@ ____@____@____

Dear Aamir Aziz,     

Sincere greeting from Chengdu, China!

Thanks very much for your being willing to do language editing for the Journal of Mountain Science (JMS).Presently, some editorial members and reviewers are helping do language editing, and several volunteers around the world assist in JMS's language editing  occassionally. As many papers published in JMS are written by authors from non-English speaking countries, their language expression has large room to be improved.  Peer-reviewers for JMS will be scientists or researchers of the similar research fields. Language edtiors can be researchers or scientists in the similar research field, or can be people who are native English speakers or those who can write in fluent English. All our reviewers and language editors are doing volunteer work without any pay, we only show our thanks by putting  their names of reviewers on the reviewer list in the final issue of each volume and in our web, and list the editorial members and language editors in each issue (in the future, we'll add them on our web and send a small gift to each of them before  the traditional Chinese New Year- Spring Festival ).  We'll send manuscripts that have passed peer-review, the authors have revised, and editors have done editing in style and in language expression for your further language polishing if you'd like to. 

    With our best wishes to you!




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