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Journal of Mountain Science: Manuscript Submission Process

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All manuscripts have to be submitted online to the manuscript system athttp://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jmsjournal

The submitted files should include Title Page, Main Document, and Cover Letter.

Title Page should include the title, each author's name, affiliation and email address, and the complete contact information of the corresponding author. The acknowledgement including the funding source should also be put in the title page.

Main Document is used for peer-review, which may include the title, abstract, key words, main body, references, figures and tables and supplementary materials (Figures and Supplementary materials can be submitted separately). The names of all authors and their institutions should not be included in the main document.

Cover Letter should highlight the novelty of the submitted paper and make a statement: All authors agree the submission and the paper has not been published or considered for publication elsewhere in part or as a whole, and state the conflicts of interest. All authors should sign on the cover letter.  If it's difficult to have all authors signed in the same cover letter, the submitting author should be responsible for collecting the rest authors' signature and submitting them to the JMS online system together.

During the submission process, all authors listed in the manuscript should have their information filled in the online submission system and their affiliations and email addresses provided. Thus, the author who is responsible for the submission should check the consistency of the listed authors in the manuscript and the filled-in names of the authors in the manuscript system. If the administrator detects the required information is incomplete, the manuscript will be unsubmitted. 

The authors are required to recommend three potential reviewers. Suggested reviewers should NOT be at your institution (preferred outside your country or regions) and should have some expertise in your content area/method. You should NOT have substantially worked with the reviewer in the past few years, and in particular, this should not be someone who has already reviewed or otherwise contributed to the manuscript. To the best of your knowledge, reviewers should not have conflicts (financial, personal) which would interfere with their objectivity. The journal reserves rights not to send your manuscript to the author-recommended reviewers for peer-review.

Authors can check their own manuscript status online. It is required that manuscript ID number be mentioned any time when authors consult the manuscript status or deal with affairs related to the manuscript via emails or phone.

Homepage: http://jms.imde.ac.cn

Online submissionhttp://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jmsjournal.


QQ: 1540631665

Tel: 86-28-85252044


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