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Introducing Singlish :)

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I heard about Chinglish before, and I learned some Singlish today. It's easy
Speak Singlish can? Cannot. Singapore fears local patois will crowd out proper English
By ALEX KENNEDY , Associated Press
The (Singapore) government Tuesday revived a decade-long drive to get Singaporeans to speak grammatically correct English. Through partnerships with restaurants and shopping center food courts, the government plans to exhort patrons to "Get it Right" with posters showing examples of Singlish phrases crossed out and their equivalent meaning in English.
So "Got problem call me can" becomes "Please let me know if you need help." And "You ask me I ask who" becomes "I don't know either."
Primary schools will increase teacher training in standard English diction and syntax, so Singlish isn't inadvertently taught to students.
"We need to remain relevant to the world," said Balakrishnan, who is the minister of community development, youth and sports. "English is a portal to knowledge."
Singlish is a jumble of the nation's four official languages — English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil — and vocabulary from several Chinese dialects. It often consists of English words used to directly translate Chinese phrases.
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