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如何写好科技英语300字短文:Part II (Feb 10,2019)

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讲课用的textbook: College Writing Skills with Readings, Ninth Edition (美国大学英语写作第九版) by John Langan (available on jd for less than RMB70)




Part II: Patterns of Essay Development (短文的分类和写作手法)


Chapter 12 Cause and/or Effect (说明因果的短文)

This chapter will explain and illustrate how to develop, write, and revise an essay with emphasis on cause and/or effect. 

You are provided with two student essays and one professional essay that emphasize cause and/or effect.

Taming the Anger Monster

By Anne Davidson

[You can find a link via Baidu when you search “Taming the Anger Monster” online.]

I don’t like to use this essay. You may go find another essay on cause and/or effect.



Note: The English in these essays may not be “perfect,” so we can actually use these essays for “editing demo.”

We should spend more time on this chapter because it is what we do as scientists. However, the textbook is not written for the kind of cause and/or effect in research. 


Developing an Essay with Emphasis on Cause and/or Effect

Considering Purpose and Audience

The primary purpose of such essay is to support your main point by using examples that explain (1) the causes of a particular event or situation; (2) the effects of an event or a situation; or, more rarely (3) a combination of both.

Assignment: Find two research papers in your field: one on causes (mechanisms), and the other on effects.




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