Raison d’etre for scientific study of history, a declaration

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Raison d’etre for scientific study of history – a declaration

Siu-Leung Lee 2019.5.10

Many have asked why a biologist/chemist put so much in doing something outside his own discipline?

I view history from a humanity perspective through science, which transcends any nationality, ethnicity, religion, ideology, and politics.  I believe that each of us as a member of the human species should focus on survival of the whole by learning from our history. Unless our history is factual, the lessons could only be misleading and, in the end, disastrous. In the hierarchy of Humanity > civilization> culture> nation> politics> administration> leadership, the performance at the lowest level in short term is often used to judge a higher level all the way to civilization, which is the final segregation. This ends in personal misunderstanding and world conflict. History is written by people who are limited in capability to gather information and assess objectively. Much of our history has been written with bias either inadvertently or deliberately to fit the interest of a specific group rather than the entire humanity. It is thus necessary to verify and reassess scientifically what has been written.  It is exactly why and how I as a biologist/chemist could contribute logical, analytical skill,in a limited way, to the macroscopic view of survival of a species. I hope this explains my commitment to this research. In the midst of international vigorous rivalry and turmoil, it is my tiny tribute to all humanities before, around and after us.


李兆良 2019.5.10




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