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Frequency-difference-dependent SR in neural systems

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Understanding the dynamical response of neurons to multiple noisy oscillatory signals from different brain regions is fundamental for neural information processing. In this study, the authors investigate the response of neural systems to the weak envelope modulation signal superimposed by two different periodic signals with the assistance of neuronal noise. The authors find that stochastic resonance occurs at the beat frequency in neural systems at both the single-neuron and the population level. Interestingly, the performance of this frequency-difference dependent stochastic resonance is regulated by both the beat frequency and forcing frequencies, and a population of neurons with fine-tuning of the excitation-inhibition balance is more efficient in detecting the information carried by the weak envelope modulation signal. These results help clarify the biophysical mechanism of the frequency-difference dependent stochastic resonance in neural systems. After a long time of evolution, it is reasonable to suppose that our brain might have the abilities to use neuronal noise to achieve stable transmission for frequency-difference information, which can be further used by the brain to perform higher cognitive tasks.

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