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最近一篇延续性研究投到Cell Death & Disease杂志,投稿之前就知道可能不符合杂志的主题,且文章数据量也不够,但网上说这个杂志效率很高,因此就抱着获取审稿意见的心态就投了。不到三天就被编辑以不符主题的理由拒了,没送外审。虽说有心理准备,但还是很打击信心啊!希望其他朋友投稿时一定要注意选择好合适的期刊。


Thank you very much for submitting your manuscript to Cell Death & Disease.

Regrettably, after very careful consideration by two members of the Editorial Board, we have decided that your manuscript is not appropriate for publication in our journal.

Cell Death & Disease mainly publishes original studies with either pathophysiological or medical implications. Unfortunately we can publish only a fraction of the manuscripts submitted to our journal. Therefore, we aim to return the manuscripts that Editors feel are inappropriate as quickly as possible and without a time consuming and formal review. Papers may fall short of consideration on a number of editorial grounds. In this case both Editors felt that, although interesting, the topic covered by your study is too specific and would be more appropriate for the readership of a more specialized journal.

In making this decision we do not intend to criticize your work. We are sure that others in this specialised field will find it interesting, but our decision is solely based on the paper's inappropriateness for Cell Death & Disease.

Please do not be discouraged and rest assured that we will gladly welcome other manuscripts from you to be considered for publication in our journal.

Thank you for considering Cell Death & Disease for the publication of your work. I am sorry that we cannot be more positive on this occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Gerry Melino
Deputy Editor and CEO
Cell Death & Disease

Cell Death & Disease
Although we very much regret that we cannot, for editorial reasons, offer to publish your paper in Cell Death & Disease, your paper may be appropriate for another Nature Publishing Group journal. Scientific Reports is a new, online open access, multidisciplinary journal from Nature Publishing Group (www.nature.com/scientificreports). Scientific Reports publishes technically correct papers rapidly. If you wish to transfer your article to Scientific Reports without having to resubmit or reformat your paper you should use the link below then select Scientific Reports from the list.


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