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2022年发表Phys. Rev. E

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Negative rectification and anomalous diffusion in nonlinear substrate potentials: Dynamical
relaxation and information entropy

Yuhui Luo, Chunhua Zeng,* et al

We numerically investigate the rectification of the probability flux and dynamical relaxation of particles moving in a system with and without noise. The system, driven by two external forces, consists of two substrate potentials that have identical shapes and different potential barriers with different friction coefficients. The deterministic model exhibits the perfect rectification of the probability flux, ratchet effect, and the dependence of the unpredictability of the dynamics on basin of attraction. In contrast, the stochastic model displays that the rectification is sensitive to the temperature and an external bias. They can induce kinetic phase transitions between no transport and a finite net transport. These transitions lead to an unexpected phenomenon, called negative rectification. The results are analyzed through the corresponding time-dependent diffusion coefficient, information entropy (IE), etc. At a low temperature, anomalous diffusions occur in system. For the occurrence of the flux in certain parameter regimes, the larger the diffusion is, the smaller the corresponding IE is, and vice versa. We also present the selected parameter regimes for the emergence of the rectification and negative rectification. Additionally, we study the rectification of the interacting particles in the system and find that the flux may depend on the coupling strength and the number of the interacting particles, and that collective motions occur for the forward flux. Our work provides not only a way of the rectification for the transport of various particles (e.g., ions, electrons, photons, phonons, molecules, DNA chains, nanoswimmers, dust particles, etc.) in
physics, chemistry, biology, and material science, but also a design of various circuits.


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