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5个月前,还发博文琢磨PeerJ何时能够被web of science(WoS)收录,并能够有影响因子。果不其然,昨日收到一封来自PeerJ的邮件,说PeerJ即将成为SCIE期刊,估计明年六月份左右会有影响因子出炉。被WoS收录后,确信稿源将会增加,至于明年新发布的影响因子有多少,正拭目以待。

疑问: SCI与SCIE有啥区别?


Hi Xingfeng,

PeerJ now indexed in Web of Science 

We are pleased to announce that PeerJ will soon be included in the
Web of Science (WoS), an important indexing site, widely used by the scientific community for article search and discovery. We welcome additional coverage in all indexing services that enable our authors work to be made more discoverable.

Together with inclusion in
Science Citation Index Expanded (a database in the Web of Science) PeerJ will also be indexed by Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews and will appear in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Inclusion in the JCR means that PeerJ will receive a ‘2014 Impact Factor’ in ~June 2015.

Whilst we appreciate the importance still placed on the Impact Factor by many elements of the academic community, PeerJ believes in responsible usage, i.e. what the Impact Factor was originally intended to measure. Read more of our thoughts on the Impact Factor.

We understand that PeerJ’s inclusion in the Web of Science is very important for the many academics whose research output is still measured by metrics such as the Impact Factor. We hope that this news encourages more scientists to submit their work to PeerJ and benefit from our award winning publishing platform, with article-level metrics, fast publishing times and open access to all articles.

So if you haven’t already – why not try PeerJ? There’s never been a better time to submit your article …

Publish you article free until November 30th 2014 

As part of our celebrations for
Open Access Week last week we are delighted to announce that from now until November 30th 2014 we are offering free publication of your article.

We know that many authors have yet to experience the benefits of publishing in an open access journal, so where better to publish than in PeerJ, the award winning open access journal? Our authors truly value the fact that they can publish with us at low cost and high speed, whilst we pride ourselves on the high-quality submission and transparent peer-review process their research undergoes.

As a result, we are pleased to announce that from now through the end of November 2014, any article that is submitted to PeerJ PrePrints (including any articles which have already been submitted there) can go on to be published in PeerJ entirely for free (assuming it passes peer review and assuming you initiate the PeerJ submission process before end of day November 30th 2014).

Submit your article today and your work could soon go on to be featured in our monthly Spotlight Collections ...

PeerJ Spotlight Collection for our Top Paleontology Articles

To showcase the outstanding paleontology research currently being published in PeerJ we have created a new PeerJ Spotlight Collection which collects some of the best articles we have published so far.

This Collection of articles represents some of the most noteworthy paleontology research which PeerJ has published from launch through Oct 20th 2014. To compile the list we asked some of our most active Academic Editors in this area to nominate articles which stood out to them. The result is a subjective snapshot of the best paleontology research appearing in PeerJ today.

We are pleased that leading paleontologists have chosen to publish some of their best work in PeerJ - by doing so their research can be freely read and re-used by anyone with an interest in this field. The authors of almost all of these articles chose to make their peer-review history public too, making them even more useful for the community.

This Collection will remain live for 4 months, after which time we will have new papers to highlight in a new collection. If you would like to nominate a subject area for future PeerJ ‘top’ Collections, just email us at
info@peerj.com or tweet us using hashtag #peerjspotlight.

Open Peer Review

In this month's PeerJ Spotlight Collection almost all authors chose to have their peer-review history made public. One of the things that we are most proud of at PeerJ is the feature for reviewers to name themselves, and for authors to optionally publish the back-and-forth dialogue of their manuscript’s review history.

We have found so far that 80% of our authors already choose this route, and we are highly encouraged by this percentage. Read more about
our findings on open peer review in our latest blog post.

Don't forget - Sign up to a PeerJ publishing plan and get a free writeLaTex account

Anyone signing up to our publishing plans between now and November 30th 2014 will receive a free writeLaTex account. With a PeerJ ‘Basic’ plan you are entitled to a free writeLaTeX Pro account, or with a PeerJ ‘Enhanced’ plan or above you can claim a writeLaTeX Pro+ account. What’s not to like?

Simply sign up to one of our
publishing plans today and we’ll take care of the rest.


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