Top 10 Tips for Responding to Reviewer and Editor Comments

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不管喜欢不喜欢,回复编辑和审稿人意见是做科研的必备技能 ;) 没有认真总结过如何回复意见,刚好看到这篇文章,感觉和平时回复审稿人时的‘策略’差不多 ;)

Top10 Tips for Responding to Reviewer and Editor Comments by Thomas M. Annesley, ClinicalChemistry, 2011, vol. 57: 551-554.                              

1. Get Mad. Then Get Over It

2. Consider What the Editor's Decision Letter Really Says

3. Wait and Gather Your Thoughts                  
4. Even If the Reviewer Is Wrong, It Does Not Mean You Are Right

5. Choose Your Battles Wisely

6. Do Not Pit One Reviewer against Another

7. Be Grateful for the Reviewers' and Editor's Time

8. Restate the Reviewer's or Editor's Comment When Responding

9. Be Prepared to Cut Text

10. Do Not Submit the Same Version to Another Journal


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