在模拟双路实验中显现的量子干涉同步特性 J. Com. & Modelling

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Journal of Computations & Modelling, vol.1, no.1, 2011, 73-90
ISSN: 1792-7625 (print), 1792-8850 (online)
International Scientific Press, 2011

Synchronous Properties in Quantum Interferences -- Appearing in Simulated Double Path Experiments

Abstract:  Double slit experiments play a key role in Quantum Theory in distinct particle and wave interactions according to Feynman. In this paper, double path models
together with variant logic principles are applied to establish a simulation system
enabling the exhaustive testing of given targets. Using Einstein quanta interaction,
different quaternion measures are investigated. Under conditions of Symmetry /
Anti-symmetry and Synchronous / Asynchronous interaction, eight groups of
statistical results are generated and presented as eight histograms showing the
distributions. From this set of simulation results, it can be seen that not only is the synchronous condition the key factor in generating quantum wave interference
patterns but also that the asynchronous condition is the key factor in classical
particle distributions. Sample results are illustrated and explanations are discussed.

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