Nature news发表有关叶诗文夺冠是否服用禁药的文章引发争议

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关于叶诗文夺冠是否服用禁药,最近一直都是西方那些猴子媒体们热烈讨论的对象,连NatureNews上也发表了一篇相关的文章,题为“Why great Olympic feats raise suspicions ”(原文链接:,讲述叶诗文夺冠是如何如何不可能。文章列举错误数据,误导人们思想。不过相关的一些错误也被Nature的编辑在最近作出了修改,但是该文的存在本身就是一个错误。



1. AllanMcNish said: It is disturbing that is deliberately deletingcomments, the same feat Big Brothers in Communist China have been doing.(这都知道,神人啊~~~

2. This article is obviously full of scientific flaws and false data, why it can bepublished on Nature?(这才是科学家作风哈哈)

3. Thisis the last time I visit Nature. Not that I have turned into a Nature hater,but my time will be better spent at other places where I can find real scienceinstead of hyped fabrications.(瞧人家这气魄。。。)

4. It'sa shame for Nature to publish such an article with a lot of biased andmisleading information and absolutely no fact support.(绝对支持你言论啊。。。It’s really a shame

5. Enochsaid: During these days I see not only the decay of Olympic spirit but also thecorrupt of scientific spirit in UK! What a shame on Nature!(是啊,伦敦的奥运精神和科学精神都他妹的令人汗颜啊)


1B Stone said: “Is thisarticle published in Nature?” “Yes.” “Really?” “Really.”

2Elaine Kim said: Iappreciate all the scientific comments here.
So why did Nature publish the unscientific news?
The only reason is that, it comes from London, GBR.


Monkey: Donkey, this is the best summer Ihave ever had.
Donkey: what made you so excited?
Monkey: Something in London, for sure.
Donkey: I know, the Olympics.
Monkey: hey, I am not the sport guy. I just can do a little bit better inclimbing.
Donkey: then what?
Monkey: I found the biggest science shit in the world.
Donkey: Come on, my mum always ask me to eat more. You know.
Monkey: serious, I am not joking at all.
Donkey: what are you talking about?
Monkey: Nature.

笔者小注 Nature的这个新闻确实像一坨屎。。。。跟伦敦奥运有的一拼哈~~~



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