CJA and Elsevier: hand in hand to foster a better journal

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Nov. 1, 2012 saw the visit from Elsevier members of Monique Lamine, Senior Business Development Manager, Wendy Xie, Publishing Solutions Manager, as well as Jackie Li, Publishing Content Coordinator.

CJA Editor-in-chief Xiaofeng Sun, Associate Editor-in-chief and Director Fei Cai, together with the staff offered kind hospitality to them. Monique made a presentation about open access trends and then Prof. Sun made a presentation about CJA’s development and the future plans. Then the two parties held a discussion about how Elsevier will support CJA’s development under P&H cooperation. Monique suggested taking full advantage of open access and the big opportunity to develop the journal. Meanwhile, she gave some advices on how to promote a journal, especially the first issue of a journal. Ms.Cai spoke highly of Elsevier’s service since the cooperation, and also posed some concerns in the cooperation which were then solved or confirmed by Elsevier.

Monique said that she was quite impressed by the vigor and vitality of CJA’s editor in chief and the whole editorial team and hoped that there would be further cooperation between the two parties.

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