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2010年7月1日 You matter to me!

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如果可以(If I could),
我愿做一只小猫咪(I want to be a small cat),
晒晒太阳(Enjoying the beautiful sunshine),
吃吃香肠(Enjoying the delicious sausages),
还有主人来把我爱(And there is one nice master who loves me) !                              
无聊时嘛(Whenever I'll feel boring),
可以玩玩小伙伴的小尾巴(I could play with my siblings' tails) ,
还有会滚的毛线球(and the rolling wool balls)!  
哎呀(Aww...),草丛里有一只四条腿灰溜溜的家伙嘞(there is a gray and four-legs guy in the grass),
主人说(my master says),那叫老鼠(that is rat)!
主人还说,我是老鼠的天敌(and we are the natural enemy of rats)! 
不过(But but...),为什么我只想跟它们做朋友呐(why I just want to become friends with them....)! 


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