吕天帅Materials Chemistry Frontiers: LiLuGeO4:Bi3+,Ln3+光存储材料

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High charge carrier storage capacity and wide range X-rays to infrared photon sensing in LiLuGeO4:Bi3+,Ln3+ (Ln = Pr, Tb, or Dy) for anti-counterfeiting and information storage applications




论文摘要:X-Ray or 254 nm UV-light charged storage phosphors have various promising applications such as in anti-counterfeiting and information storage. However, developing such storage phosphors with high charge carrier storage capacity remains challenging. In this work, photoluminescence spectroscopy, thermoluminescence (TL), and vacuum-referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram were combined to study the trapping and liberation processes of charge carriers in Bi3+ and/or Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Pr, or Dy) doped LiLuGeO4. Unintended defects act as good electron trapping centers, while Bi3+, Tb3+, and Pr3+ act as hole-capturing and recombination centers. Dy3+ does not act as an electron trapping center but as a luminescence center by energy transfer from Bi3+ → Dy3+. The ratios of the integrated TL intensities between 303 K and 650 K for LiLuGeO4:0.005Bi3+, LiLuGeO4:0.005Bi3+,0.005Tb3+, or LiLuGeO4:0.005Bi3+,0.005Dy3+ after X-ray charging to that of the state-of-the-art BaFBr(I):Eu2+ is about 1.24, 0.59, and 0.90, respectively. More than 10 h or 40 h afterglow was measurable in both LiLuGeO4:0.005Bi3+ and LiLuGeO4:0.005Bi3+,0.005Tb3+ after X-ray or 254 nm UV-light charging. The stored charge carriers stored can be efficiently excited to produce optically stimulated luminescence with a wide range 365 nm UV-light to 850 nm infrared laser beam. Proof-of-concept colour-tailorable afterglow, X-ray irradiation time or sample mass-dependent dosimetry, and optically-stimulated luminescence with a wide range of 365 nm UV-light to 850 nm infrared laser stimulation will be demonstrated for anti-counterfeiting, information storage, and display applications in the developed Bi3+ and/or Ln3+-doped LiLuGeO4. This work not only reports Bi3+ and/or Ln3+ doped LiLuGeO4 storage phosphors with excellent charge carrier storage capacity but also deepens our understanding of the afterglow and storage phosphors and luminescence mechanisms, which can guide us to explore new afterglow and storage phosphors for multimode applications.

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