吕天帅Laser & Photonics Reviews:LiTaO3光存储材料真空标度能级图的构建及其运用

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Vacuum-Referred Binding Energies of Bismuth and Lanthanide Levels in LiTaO3 Perovskite: Toward Designing Energy Storage Phosphor for Anti-Counterfeiting, X-Ray Imaging, and Mechanoluminescence




摘要:Discovering UV-light or X-ray charged afterglow and storage phosphors with high charge carrier storage capacity remains challenging. Herein, a method is proposed by combining vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram construction and optimization of dopants’ concentration and compound synthesis. The refined chemical shift model, optical spectroscopy, and thermoluminescence will be combined to construct the VRBE diagram of LiTaO3 with the lanthanide and bismuth charge transition levels. Based on the constructed VRBE diagram of LiTaO3, Bi3+, and/or Ln3+ (Ln = Tb or Pr) doped LiTaO3 will be studied. By combining Bi3+ with Tb3+, Pr3+, or Bi3+ itself, Bi3+ emerges to act as a ≈0.62 eV deep electron trap, while Tb3+, Pr3+, or Bi3+ acts as about 1.5 eV deep hole capturing and recombination centres. The VRBE in the Bi2+ 2P1/2 ground state will be derived by thermoluminescence study. Proof-of-concept X-ray imaging, compression force distribution monitoring, and color-tailoring for anti-counterfeiting will be demonstrated by using the developed Bi3+ and/or Ln3+ doped LiTaO3. This work promotes the understanding of trap level locations and on the trapping and release processes of charge carriers in Bi3+ and/or lanthanides doped inorganic compounds for rational design of new afterglow and storage phosphors.

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