吕天帅Laser & Photonics Reviews: 利用LiTaO3光存储材料实现X-ray到红外光子的探测

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论文题目:Wide Range X-Ray to Infrared Photon Detection and Energy Storage in LiTaO3:Bi3+,Dy3+ Perovskite




论文摘要:It is challenging to obtain a material that can detect photons ranging from X-rays to infrared light. Such materials have promising use to develop advanced applications like in information storage, anticounterfeiting, or X-ray imaging. This article reports on such a material; LiTaO3:xBi3+,yDy3+ perovskite phosphor. Experimental spectroscopy, thermoluminescence, and vacuum referred binding energy diagram (VRBE) construction are combined to study the trapping processes of charge carriers. The VRBEs in the ground or excited states of Bi3+ and Bi2+ are discussed. Bi3+ emerges to act as a ≈1.3 eV deep hole capturing center and it may possibly also act as a 0.80 ± 0.5 eV deep electron trapping center. A linear relation between the amount of stored charge carriers and a photochromic phenomenon both induced by X-rays or 254 nm UV-light charging appears. The stored charge carriers in LiTaO3:xBi3+,yDy3+ are removed by heating or with an optically stimulated process with 365 nm UV light to 850 nm infrared laser. More than 3 or 40 h of Bi3+ and Dy3+ based white afterglow is measurable in LiTaO3:0.005Bi3+,0.004Dy3+ after exposure to X-rays or 254 nm UV light. Proof-of-concept light detection applications like 2D information storage and anticounterfeiting or X-ray imaging are demonstrated by using the phtotochromic and white afterglow LiTaO3:xBi3+,yDy3+ phosphors.

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