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Characterization of stress-strain relationships (2012)

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Characterization of stress-strain relationships of elastoplastic materials:An improved method with conical and pyramidal indenters
The load-displacement curve in indentation is widely used to extract
elastoplastic properties of materials. It is believed that such a measurement is
non-unique and a full stress-strain curve cannot be obtained with a sharp indenter or
even plural and spherical indenters. By introducing a ratio of the additional residual
area to the area of a profile indenter, we proposed a new set of dimensionless
functions. Based on these functions and finite element simulations, analytical
expressions were derived between indentation data and elastoplastic properties. It is
shown that this method can effectively distinguish highly elastic and plastic solids
(Cheng and Cheng, 1999) and mystical materials (Chen et al., 2007), which provides
a useful guideline for properly using the indentation technique to measure
elastoplastic properties of materials with conical and pyramidal indenters.


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