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Int. J. Materials and Structural Integrity, Vol. 6, Nos. 2/3/4, 2012



SPECIAL ISSUE: MATERIALS SELECTION AND DESIGN Guest Editors: Assistant Professor Ali Jahan and  Associate Professor Abbas S. Milani 95 Preface

Ali Jahan and Abbas S. Milani

96          Additive manufacturing technology and material selection for direct manufacture of products based on computer aided design geometric feature analysis

Paul C. Smith, Mihaela-Elena Lupeanu and Allan E.W. Rennie

111        Materials selection using COPRAS and COPRAS-G methods

Prasenjit Chatterjee and Shankar Chakraborty

134        Digital logic and knowledge-based system for the automotive piston material selection

M.A. Maleque and A. Arifutzzaman

151        Experimental and numerical investigation of grooves shape on the energy absorption of 6061-T6 aluminium tubes under axial compression

M.J. Rezvani, M. Damghani Nouri and H. Rahmani

169        Turbine blade material selection using fuzzy analytic network process

Saikat Ranjan Maity and Shankar Chakraborty

190        Eco-material selection assisted with decision-making tools, guided by product’s attributes functionality and manufacturability

Ahmad T. Mayyas and Mohammed A. Omar

220        The effect of N-doping on the electronic structure of graphene nanoribbon

Xifu Song, Liqiang Zhang, Xingang Yu, Tao Xi, Yanfang Zhao, Jian Liu, Xialong Li, Fangwei Xie and Ping Yang

230        Material selection in biomedical applications: comparing the comprehensive VIKOR and goal programming models

Ali Jahan

241        Material selection for light-weight naval crafts using the modified digital logic method: dealing with ranking abnormalities

J.B. Torrez, A.S. Milani and D.D.C. Schuetze

257        Selection of gear material using compromise ranking method

Vijay Manikrao Athawale, Saikat Ranjan Maity and Shankar Chakraborty

270        Effect of temperature and voltage on LED luminaries reliability

D.J. Liu, D.G. Yang, Miao Cai, B.Y. Wu, Xiuwen Yang, Jian Liu and Ping Yang Contents

284        Non-linear strain invariant failure approach for fibre reinforced composite materials

Kumar D. Mishra and Rani F. El-Hajjar

297        A new silicon nanowire arrays solar cell based on gradient optical gaps nanometre thin film

Jun Zhu, Jian-Ning Ding and Li-Qiang Guo

309        Numerical investigation on the thermal reliability and layout optimisation of printed circuit board level

Tao Xi, Xingang Yu, Xifu Song, Jian Liu, Xiuwen Yang, Yanfang Zhao,  Liqiang Zhang and Ping Yang

319        Modelling and optimisation of PMSM-precision reducer system with Modelica

Zhihua Li, Hongguang Yang and Jun Yu 331

Contents Index 334 Keywords Index 338 Author Index

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