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通用复杂性度量的新进展:Scientific Reports论文一篇

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      憋了很多年的一篇论文最近终于在Scientific Reports上发出来了(2013年4月5日)。题目取的还是比较吸引眼球的:“Unifying complexity and information”。文章编号srep01585。因为srep本来就是开放获取的,这里就不贴内容了。贴个链接和摘要吧:http://www.nature.com/srep/2013/130405/srep01585/full/srep01585.html

Complex systems, arising in many contexts in the computer,life, social, and physical sciences, have not shared a generally-accepted complexity measure playing a fundamental role as the Shannon entropy H in statistical mechanics. Superficially-conflicting criteria of complexity measurement, i.e. complexity-randomness (C-R) relations, have given rise to a special measure intrinsically adaptable to more than  one criterion. However, deep causes of the conflict and the adaptability are not much clear. Here I  trace the root of each representative or adaptable measure to its particular universal data-generating  or -regenerating model (UDGM or UDRM). A representative measure for deterministic dynamical systems is found as a counterpart of the H for random process, clearly redefining the boundary of  different criteria. And a specific UDRM achieving the intrinsic daptability enables a general information measure that ultimately solves all major disputes. This work encourages a single framework coving deterministic  systems, statistical mechanics and real-world living organisms.


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