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Wang Yingkuan

Beijing, China






本期刊载一篇关于采用计算断层成像研究土壤根系物理生物过程的综述文章和19篇研究论文,包括一个茶园防冻技术与装备专题,玉米精密播种机、可再生能源、信息技术、畜禽环境调控和农产品加工等方面的最新研究成果论文。本刊为OA期刊,全文即时开放,欢迎同行关注。除了研究论文,本刊还刊登了包括3个国际会议记要在内的相关信息。全文下载和阅读网址 https://www.ijabe.org.


International Journal of Agriculturaland Biological Engineering


Open Access at https://www.ijabe.org

Table of Contents

Volume 8, Number 5, October, 2015


Review Article

Review of applying X-ray computed tomography for imaging soil-root physical and biological processes

·································································· Francis Kumi, Mao Hanping, Hu Jianping, Ikram Ullah (1)

Power and Machinery System(PMS)

Performance of no-till corn precision planter equipped with row cleaners

·············································· YangLi, Zhang Rui, Gao Nana, Cui Tao, Liu Quanwei, Zhang Dongxing (15)

Engineuniversal characteristic modeling based on improved ant colony optimization

·························································· ChenFuen, Jiang Shihui, Xie Xin, Chen Longhan, Lan Yubin (26)

Comparative experiments and effectiveness evaluation on vertical blowing fans (VBF) forfrost protection

········ HuYongguang, Wu Wenye, J. Paulo De Melo-Abreu, Tom M. Shapland, Zhang Hong,Richard L. Snyder (36)

Optimal design of wind machine impeller for frostprotection based on CFD and its field test on airflow disturbance

································· WuWenye, Hu Yongguang, Yang Shuo, Mao Kangqian, Zhu Xiaoyong, Li Pingping (43)

Optimalflight parameters of unmanned helicopter for tea plantation frost protection

··········································· HuYongguang, Liu Shengzhong, Wu Wenye, Wang Jizhang, Shen Jianwen (50)

Information Technology, Sensorsand Control Systems (ITSCS)

Evaluating droplet distribution of spray-nozzles for dust reduction in livestock buildings using machine vision

········································································ Saman AbdananMehdizadeh, Thomas M Banhazi (58)

Identification of seedling cabbages and weeds usinghyperspectral imaging

··································································· Deng Wei, YanboHuang, Zhao Chunjiang, Wang Xiu (65)

Non-destructive measurement ofchlorophyll in tomato leaves using spectral transmittance

···················································· Wang Jianfeng, HeDongxian, Song Jinxiu, Dou Haijie, Du Weifen (73)

BeiDou-GPS integrated dual-system with multi-satellites for positioningand navigating farm vehicles

····························································· Huang Caojun,Zhao Jing, Zhao Chen, Li Boshi, Xin Dekui (79)

Renewable Energy System(RES)

Nitrogenand phosphorous adsorption from post-hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater usingthree types of zeolites

············································· Ran Xia, Duan Na, Yuanhui Zhang, Li Baoming, Liu Zhidan, Lu Haifeng (86)

Biogas production from microbial-alkali pretreated corn stover by solid-stateanaerobic digestion

································································· ZhaoPengxiang, Cui Fengjie, Bu Lingxi, Jiang Jianxin (96)

Lifecycle assessment of pyrolysis process of Desmodesmussp.

·········································································· LiGang, Ji Fang, Zhou Yuguang, Dong Renjie (105)

Agro-product& Food Processing Systems (AFPS)

Detection of chlorpyrifos in applesusing gold nanoparticles based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

······································································ Zhai Chen, LiYongyu, Peng Yankun, Xu Tianfeng (113)

Effectsof extrusion parameters on physicochemical properties of flaxseed snack andprocess optimization

··································································· WuMin, Liu Yi, Wang Lijun, Li Dong, Mao Zhihuai (121)

Experimentalstudy on drying kinetics of anchovy using centrifugal fluidized bed technique

············································································ WatcharinDongbang, Worachest Pirompugd (132)

Highlevel expression of Saccharomycescerevisiae chitinase (ScCTS1) in Pichia pastoris for degrading chitin

········································ ZhaoYouxi, Jiang Huihui, Rao Zhiming, Ji Yizhi, Cheng Yanling, MaYanhe (142)

Structures& Bio-environmental Engineering (SBEE)

Regulartruss structure model equivalent to continuum structure········· Won Choi, JeongJae Lee, Seongsoo Yoon (151)

Design of an experimentalplatform to investigate the effects of audible sounds on plant growth

················································ CaiWeiming, Zhu Songming, Ning Wang, He Huinong,Ying Beihua (162)

Biosystems,Biological and Ecological Engineering (BBEE)

Responsesof electrical properties of tea leaves to low-temperature stress

···························································  Lu Yongzong, Hu Yongguang, Zhang Xiliang, LiPingping (170)


R&Dof Technology and Equipment for Crop Frost Protection at Instituteof Facility Agriculture Engineering, Jiangsu University············································································································ (Cover, Inside Covers)

Figures 9, 10 from Hu Y G,et al.················································································ (ColorInsert I)

Figures 3, 4 from Wu W Y, etal.················································································ (ColorInsert I)

Figures 5, 6, 8 from Deng W,et al.············································································ (ColorInsert II)


Webof Science indexing records of 75 IJABE papers available··························································· (95)

Summary of China DevelopmentForum 2015 and the 2nd International Conference on Smart AgricultureInnovative Development························································ LiuChangran, Zhang Man, Wang Qing, Li Minzan, Gao Wanlin (176)

2015Joint International Conferences on Intelligent Agriculture held in Beijing······ Zhao Chunjiang, Li Daoliang (177)

Overview of 2015International Symposium on Animal Environment and Welfare held in Chongqing, China

································································· WangChaoyuan, Liu Wen, Li Baoming, Hongwei Xin (179)

IJABEis a fast-growing peer-review OA journal: Updated Introduction to IJABE···································· (181)

IJABEGuidelines for Authors······························································································ (183)

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