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Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know that Rong has had a stroke. It occurred on Sep 11th (Rong and I   had a laugh about this date) and has affected mobility in his left hand arm and leg. As with the humility we know of Rong, he told me it was a small stroke.

I saw Rong yesterday (Saturday 14th) and he appeared to be in very good spirits. Indeed, I interrupted a game of Chinese checkers he was playing with his wife.

Yesterday his left arm was much stronger than previous days. He now needs to improve the strength in his left leg. This may require rehabilitation.

When you hear of these things it is natural to consider the worst. However, in Rong's case I can only assure you that his mind is as sharp as ever. His left hand has improved since the stroke as of yesterday, and I hope his left leg will improve with rehabilitation.

Rong was very confident of our lunch with you, Roger, later this year.

As of yesterday, Sept 14th Rong was in Box Hill Hospital, Ward 3 South and Room 8 but he is likely to move to a rehabilitation center soon.

Best regards, Peter


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