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我请一位华人教授对“攻克生物酶法脱嘌呤技术瓶颈 力争实现中国肉类缺口由酵母蛋白替代的战略目标”提出评价

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本人请我的一位华人教授给“Replacing China\'s Meat Gap with Yeast Protein ”写出评价意见,我在公开出来。目标是邀请各方专业人士及其他对此领域感兴趣的人士,共同推进酵母蛋白作为新蛋白(替代蛋白)的产业化进程。


Reading done with the pretty written in bilingua.thank you.

Yeast had been lauched in various industry fields since 1920, with emphasized as a source of vitamins, later, varietd foods with distinct tastes and flavors that came from the yeast. As a direct consequence, yeasts has been employed in the industry to make cheese and beer. The yeast foods with B-complex vitamins, make them an appealing vegan nutritional supplement for special populations, as for vegans and vegetarians, athletes, people after recovery, and people at risk of B vitamin deficiencies.

The current conventional agricultural based supply route for nutritive animal proteins have a highly environmental impact. In contrast, SCP qualifies as an excellent source of nutritive proteins, driving new developments for microbial-based by-products.Commercial production of yeast with fast-growing strains for scaleup SCP would be a breakthrough in the field. Selection of new strains will be faster which is required to reach lower production costs, for the microbial SCP sources using conveniently available carbone sources.the production of yeast strains as food protein certainly has renewed industrial interest, particularly in the context of the cyclic bio-economy.

To lauch a SCP project of yeast-food coupling, there is a great potential to set up the new idea of food protein production to feed up the population increasing. it could be an exciting innovation for oncoming prospects.

Finally, as for the limitations and safe concern. Nucleic acid in the cell extracts can be degradated by utilizing nucleases as you mentioned, some mycotoxins are metabolites produced under some suboptimal conditions by fungal genera which pose a threat to human health, from food safety viewpoints,any bio-pruducts are present that can cause a variety of adverse effects in humans should be seriously treated to eliminated.

good luck.






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