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RNA and DNA from Yeast Protein are Degraded by Nuclease

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The Nucleic Acid Contained in Yeast Whole Protein was Degraded by Specific

Nucleases  and Analyzed by Electrophoresis, and Further Discussion Is Welcomed.

Note: 1. DNA standard molecular weight. 2. Yeast whole protein is not treated with enzymes. 3. Enzyme 1 treatment. 4. Enzyme 2 treatment. 5. Enzyme 3 treatment.6. Enzyme 4 treatment. 

From left to right, 1 to 6.


Yeast whole protein sample processing method: 100-200g (centrifugation to obtain wet yeast body) suspended in 1L suitable buffer, physical sterilization. Take 1ml of sterilization solution and add 1ul of the corresponding nuclease, and the enzyme degrades for 1h under suitable conditions. Take 5ul of the corresponding enzymatic hydrolysate for electrophoresis analysis.


It can be seen intuitively: about 2/3 of the DNA of the 6-lane sample is removed, and the RNA is basically invisible. RNA is digested into nucleotides or oligonucleotides.

 Using the heat precipitation method, the denucleic acid yeast protein is relatively easy to fully recover.  


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