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Volume 15, Issue 06 (November 2022)

Special Issue on Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy

Guest Editors: Buhong Li and Lothar Lilge


Special issue on enhanced photodynamic therapy: Part II

Buhong Li and Lothar Lilge

Special Issue Articles

Cerium-based nanoparticles for cancer photodynamic therapy

Hui LiMin WeiXinyi LvYanling HuJinjun ShaoXuejiao SongDongliang YangWenjun WangBuhong Li and Xiaochen Dong

Special Issue Articles

Photoswitchable semiconducting polymer dots with photosensitizer molecule and photochromic molecule loading for photodynamic cancer therapy

Lu GuoBo XuHaobin Chen and Ying Tang

Special Issue Articles

Three-dimensional quantification of protoporphyrin IX in photodynamic therapy using SFDI/DFT: A pilot experimental validation

Mai DanWeijie SongMeihui LiuYaru Zhang and Feng Gao

Special Issue Articles

A novel BODIPY-based nano-photosensitizer with aggregation-induced emission for cancer photodynamic therapy

Yuting ZhangGuojing LiJiong LiMing WuXiaolong Liu and Jingfeng Liu

Special Issue Articles

Photoinactivation of Escherichia coli using five photosensitizers and the same number of photons

Daniel Ortega-ZambranoDenisse Fuentes-López and Hilda Mercado-Uribe

Special Issue Articles

Monitoring of time-resolved singlet oxygen luminescence at 1270nm by an optical fiber detection system

Cheng ZhangHongxin LinYing HuJian SuiLisheng Lin and Buhong Li

Special Issue Articles

A portable illumination device for photodynamic therapy of the oral cavity

Jiyuan XiongXu WangXiaoming HuYing Han and Qin Li

Research Article

Ultrasmall pH-responsive silicon phthalocyanine micelle for selective photodynamic therapy against tumor

Yiming ZhouWenlong ZengMengxuan WangRui LiXiuli Yue and Zhifei Dai

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