Frontiers in Genetics 专刊征稿:植物线粒体基因组进化研究

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Frontiers in Genetics (SCI中科院三区, IF:4.77)


Manuscript Submission Deadline 29 September 2022

征稿范围:The Research Topic focuses on detecting multiple-conformation and evolutionary perspectives of plant mitochondria, which will help solve unknown scientific questions in plant mitochondrial research. We also encourage a range of related studies, such as the nucleoplasmic interaction mechanism, horizontal transfer of genes in plant mitochondria, and the evolutionary destiny of plant mitochondrial genes, which will help researchers better understand the plant organelle genomes.

We aim to collect the publications of both experimental and computational studies on the mitochondrial genomes, covering a wide range of topics in plant mitochondria research, including but not limited to the following:

• Plant genomes (including nuclear and organelle genomes) sequencing and assembly

• Replication and dynamics of nucleoids

• Retrograde and anterograde signaling pathways

• Organelle biogenesis and plant development

• Plant transcriptome sequencing

• Plant Organelle databases

• Technical advances in organelle biotechnology

Keywords: mitochondria genome, assembly strategy, phylogeny, evolution, gene transfer, multiple conformations

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