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Article Title:Back-n white neutron source at CSNS and its applications


One sentence summary:


A state-of-the-art white neutron source has been successfully developed to facilitate studies related to nuclear energy


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The Novelty (What)


As part of an effort to come up with world-class neutron source, this research has successfully built a white neutron source known as the Back-n at China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS). A consortium of five institutions was formed to support the design and construction of the beamline and experimental setups. The Back-n neutron beam has a high intensity of approximately 2 × 107 n/cm2/s at 55 m away from its target with a wide energy spectrum from 0.5 eV to 200 MeV and a good time resolution. The Back-n neutron beam will be serving as a useful tool in nuclear data measurements, irradiation tests, detectors calibration, as well as neutron imaging and element analysis.

作为世界顶尖中子源-中国散裂中子源(CSNS)的一部分,反角白光中子源(简称Back-n)成功完成了建造。5家共建单位联合实施完成了束线和实验装置的设计和建设工作。Back-n在距靶站55米处的注量率高达2 × 107 n/cm2/s,且其能谱范围宽(0.5eV~200MeV)、时间分辨率好。Back-n可作为有效工具广泛应用于核数据测量、辐照测试、探测器标定、中子束成像以及元素分析等诸多研究领域。

The Background (Why)


In China, nuclear energy is a crucial component in the development of future energy resources. Therefore, studies on advanced nuclear energy technologies have been receiving attention and firm support. There are high demands for an enhanced nuclear database in which nuclear data measurements with neutrons are fundamental. This project, which focuses on designing and constructing a state-of-the-art white neutron source at CSNS, mainly intends to contribute to the advancement of nuclear energy technologies. Since commissioning, this facility has been proven to deliver a high-reliability performance and is able to conduct high-precision experiments. By mastering advanced experimental methods and exploring new techniques, the Chinese domestic chances of growing nuclear energy technologies within a shorter time frame increase immensely.

核能在中国未来能源开发中占有相当重要的地位,尖端核能技术研究因此受到社会的广泛关注和支持。在此背景下业界对核数据库的需求不断提高,而这其中,中子核数据不可或缺。CSNS Back-n旨在设计并建造尖端白光中子源,为实现核能技术的提升提供保证。自投入使用以来,该装置运行稳定可靠,并具备开展高精度实验的能力。通过掌握先进的实验方法以及开发全新的实验技术,中国在短期内实现核能技术的快速发展将指日可待。

The SDG impact (Big Why)


According to the United Nations, energy consuming is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, to overcome this, there is a need to develop an energy source that yields higher power efficiency with minimal waste. The groundbreaking output of this research will be facilitating a significant number of studies related to nuclear energy. In line with the UN’s vision, which is to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030, the outcome of this study has the potential to bring China a step closer to realizing the 7th Sustainable Development Goal – affordable and clean energy.


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