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【Nano Energy】利用大极化差效应提高摩擦电纳米发电机的输出性能

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The utilization of inorganic ferroelectric ceramics is thought to be an effective approach to enhance output performances of triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs). However, the large remnant polarization from ferroelectric ceramics traps partial charges on electrodes all the time, which limits the performance improvement of TENGs and their applications in energy harvesting and self-powered sensing. Herein, achieving absolute exploitation of dielectric polarization from inorganic ceramics for significant performance enhancement is unprecedentedly proposed by using antiferroelectric ceramics with large polarization difference. The features of nearly zero remnant polarization and large maximum polarization for antiferroelectric ceramics perfectly match the working cycle mechanism of TENGs, enabling all polarization induced charges to flow through the external circuit. Based on this concept, an ideal flexible Pb0.94La0.04Zr0.98Ti0.02O3 (PLZT) antiferroelectric ceramic inner-layer with record-high polarization difference is developed and assembled into a triboelectric nanogenerator (PLZT-TENG). The PLZT-TENG exhibits an outstanding output of 13.5 nC cm–2, a 1.6-fold enhancement compared with the TENG with a PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 (PZT) ferroelectric ceramic inner-layer. Thanks to excellent flexibility, stability, and durability, the PLZT-TENG can serve as a biomechanical energy harvester and a self-powered sensor to be applied in practice. Our findings open a generic and upgradable way to the evolution and optimization of TENGs.


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