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【活动预告】顶尖学者 Prof. Michael D. Myers 的讲座信息

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【活动预告】顶尖学者 Prof. Michael D. Myers 的讲座信息 

Topic : My experience publishing in top journals – Two examples Taipei Time: 11/29,10:00-11:30   By Prof. Michael D. Myers, University of Auckland Business School Hosted by Prof. Wen-Lung Shiau (Chang Gung University) Abstract Publishing in top journals is not easy and requires much work, however articles published in these journals tend to be well cited and can influence the direction of a discipline. Publishing in these journals also enhances your reputation and is often needed for promotion and tenure. In this talk Michael will share some of his experience in publishing his research in top journals. He will discuss how two articles published in MIS Quarterly were developed and the lessons learned along the way. Note: If you are interested, please leave your message. Zoom Meeting will be announced later. 

本次的活动邀请在AIS国际资管权威的质化研究大师Prof. Mayer 提供在顶尖期刊发表的经验。 对于师生而言,可以提供与国际学者接解交流的机会,开拓国际视野,了解国外学者如何作研究,从而学习以提升研究能力。 Note: 有兴趣的研究者,请留言, Zoom Meeting 会通知, 谢谢


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