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    《电子条码尺立木胸径自动测量研究》(doi: 10.6041/j.issn.1000-1298.2017.12.024)是由刘金成、冯仲科等发表在《农业机械学报》48卷11期的学术论文,被美国The Engineering Index (EI)源刊检索。   

    为了实现立木胸径的快速、准确测定,以EAN-13条形码编码和译码规则为模版,基于Android开发平台和Open CV图像智能处理技术,设计了一种可以实现单人作业、立木胸径自动测量的电子条码尺。条码尺编码完成后,利用开发的手机APP扫描条形码图像,通过图像的预处理、条形码的定位与识别、胸径的自动测量与记录、数据保存与导出等过程,实现立木胸径自动测量。经实验验证,该方法进行立木胸径测量的精度达99.95%以上,满足国家森林资源连续清查的精度要求,测量工作的效率也得到显著提高。

    《农业机械学报》是由中国科协主管、中国农业机械学会和中国农业机械化科学研究院主办的综合性学术期刊, 农业工程类中文核心期刊,已被EI(工程索引)、SCOPUS(文摘与引文数据库)、CA(化学文摘)、CSA(剑桥科学文摘)等国际著名检索机构收录。她代表和反映了当前我国农业机械和农业工程学科的最新研究成果和学术水平,被农机行业科技工作者视为权威刊物。

Automatic Measurement of Diameter at Breast Height with Electronic Bar Code

Abstract: In order to realize the rapid and accurate determination of diameter at breast height (DBH), EAN-13 bar code encoding and decoding rules was taken as template, based on the Android platform and Open CV intelligent image processing technology, an electronic bar code ruler was designed and implemented to realize the automatic measurement of the tree DBH size by single operation. When the bar code encoding was completed, bar code image was scanned by using mobile phone APP, through image preprocessing, bar code identification, location and diameter automatic measurement and recording, data storage and export process, the automatic measurement of DBH in forest survey was realized. By selecting 205 samples of coniferous trees and 200 broadleaf trees, the electronic bar code was used to measure them, at the same time, the measurement results were compared with the precision of the traditional measuring ruler. The experimental results showed that the measurement accuracy of the method can be more than 99.95%, which can meet the precision requirements of continuous logging of national forest resources. Meanwhile, the method of measuring tree breast diameter of each tree was only 11 to complete the work of measuring diameter, and the measuring work efficiency was greatly increased. This method had good application prospect of the tree DBH measurement in forest survey.

Keywords: standing treediameter at breast heightautomatic measurementEAN-13 bar codeelectronic bar code ruler



LIU Jincheng,FENG Zhongke,FAN Yongxiang.Automatic Measurement of Diameter at Breast Height with Electronic Bar Code[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2017,48(12): 208-213. DOI:10.6041/j.issn.1000-1298.2017.12.024


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