New Phytologist:华中农业大学揭示调控植物冷胁迫耐受性的分子机制
2022-6-16 16:52
Two AT-Hook proteins regulate A/NINV7 expression to modulate sucrose catabolism for cold tolerance in Poncirus trifoliata 通讯作者 : 刘继红 通讯单位 :华中农业大学 研究背景: Invertase (INV)-mediated sucrose (Suc) hydrolysis , leading to the ...
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New Phytologist:韩国中央大学发现一个调控旱胁迫耐受性的泛素化酶
2022-6-13 20:54
Pepper SUMO E3 ligase CaDSIZ1 enhances drought tolerance by stabilizing the transcription factor CaDRHB1 通讯单位:韩国中央大学 背景回顾: SUMOylation is a reversible post-translational modification associated with protein stability and activity and modulates hormone signaling and stress r ...
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2022-6-12 22:08
Genome-wide association identifies a missing hydrolase for tocopherol synthesis in plants 通讯单位: Michigan State University Significance Tocopherols (vitamin E) are plant-synthesized, lipid-soluble antioxidants whose dietary intake, primarily from seed oils, ...
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Plant Com:澳大利亚西澳大学Mylne团队解析拟南芥除草剂磺草灵靶标的晶体结构和作用机制
2022-4-14 15:35
Crystal structure of Arabidopsis thaliana HPPK/DHPS, a bifunctional enzyme and target of the herbicide asulam 通讯单位 :澳大利亚西澳大学 背景介绍:Herbicides are vital for modern agriculture, but their utility is threatened by genetic or metabolic resistance in weeds as well as regulatory b ...
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Plant Cell | 研究揭示病原体触发的植物免疫中的转录重编程
2022-4-12 14:42
PAMP-triggered genetic reprogramming involves widespread alternative transcription initiation and an immediate transcription factor wave 通讯单位 :丹麦哥本哈根大学 背景回顾、提出问题:Immune responses triggered by pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) are key to pathogen defense, ...
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2022-4-2 14:59
Ethylene-responsive factor ERF114 mediates fungal pathogen effector PevD1-induced disease resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana 第一作者:Ze Li 通讯单位:中国农业科学院植物保护研究所 通讯作者:Xiufen Yang 背景回顾:APETALA2/ethylene-responsive factor ( AP2/ERF ) family transcription factors ...
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Nature Plants: TCP转录因子BRC1b特异性调控马铃薯块根形成
2022-3-29 23:03
Spatial control of potato tuberization by the TCP transcription factor BRANCHED1b 通讯单位:西班牙马德里自治大学 通讯作者:Pilar Cubas The control of carbon allocation, storage and usage is critical for plant growth and development and is exploited for both crop food production and CO2 capt ...
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Plant Physiology:水稻OsNAC016通过与激酶GSK2和SAPK8之间的互作,介导株型和抗旱性调控
2022-3-28 15:03
OsNAC016 regulates plant architecture and drought tolerance by interacting with the kinases GSK2 and SAPK8 第一作者:Qi Wu 讯通单位:重庆大学 通讯作者:黄俊丽 理论视角:Ideal plant architecture and drought tolerance are important determinants of yield potential in rice ( Oryza sativa ).  ...
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Trends in Plant Science综述 | 植物如何抵御高温胁迫
2022-3-25 20:31
Beat the heat: plant- and microbe-mediated strategies for crop thermotolerance 第一作者: Kirti Shekhawat 通讯单位: 沙特阿拉伯阿卜杜拉国王科技大学的 通讯作者: Heribert Hirt 摘要: Heat stress (HS) affects plant growth and development, and reduces crop yield. To combat HS, plants ...
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2022-3-23 19:38
Jasmonate: A hormone of primary importance for plant metabolism 第一作者:Trang HieuNguyen 通讯单位:比利时根特大学 通讯作者:Alain Goossens Abstarct: Over the years, jasmonates (JAs) have become recognized as one of the main plant hormones that regulate stress responses by activating defen ...
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