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First observation of Mercury 第一次看到水星

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11th Nov. is said to be the last and best day in 2020 to observe Mercury. Because the angular distance between Sun and Mercury is the greatest on this day.

I set a reminder at 5:00 am and got up on time. It was very cold in early morning.  What's worse. The school gate was locked and I cannot go outside. I had done a little search the day before and found a good observation site just outside the school yard.  I thought I would have lost the last chance.

Fortunately, the school gate was opened at around 5:30 am because the students' morning reading time was close. I went to the observation site quickly. I can clearly see bright Moon like a smiling mouth and shining Venus. I can also recognize a few famous constellations.

About ten minutes later, I thought Mercury should have risen above the ground and kept searching for it with the help of the software "Star Walk". YES, I found it with my flesh eyes finally. Mercury was never shining, but looked very very faint. Just a few minutes later, my flesh eyes couldn't see it. I took a few photos with my iphone and shared them. One friend said, she cleaned her mobile phone screen in order to see Mercury in the photos. Yeah, Mercury is shy. 

Here is one of the photos. From top to bottom, you will see Moon, Venus and the shy Mercury. Don't forget to clean your screen first!!!



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