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何毓琦 2018-11-7 04:07
Thank you very much. But please read the first sentence of anyone of my blogs first.

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Saturn\'s moon (土星的卫星) 2023-10-11
Last night, I observed Saturn with my telescope. However, it is cloudy and I had to quit the photography soon. Here are a couple of photos. ...
My first observation of Cassini division in Saturn rings 2023-10-09
Saturn is a beautiful planet. The history of its discovery can be found here . Saturn is a special planet because of its rings. It is my favourite ...
DIY牛顿反射望远镜观测土星和太阳黑子 2023-09-04
In the first place, let me share two plots. This is Saturn. It is just beautiful. I used my cellphone to take a vedio and stacked hundre ...
Nature cannot pee while sneezing? 2021-11-12
At around 5pm, while going to release myself, I sneezed and the pee stopped immediately. This reminds me of momentum conservation. ...
Why do I keep writing single-author papers(为什么我坚持写唯一作者文章)? 2021-07-19
Because thousands of authors would appaer on a research paper in our field. For example, the famous paper from ATLAS reporting the observ ...
Can Higgs explain Leption Universality Violation in B->Kll ? 2021-03-25
A few days ago, the LHCb collaboration reported an evidence for Lepton Universality Violation (LUV) in the beauty-quark decays B -> K l + l - ...
A problem about the AM-GM inequality (一道关于均值不等式的题目) 2021-02-01
Recently, Kai-Liang brought to my attention an extension form of the classic inequality of the arithmetic and geometric means. It ...
My experience of using Fourier transformation (我使用傅利叶变换的经历) 2021-01-19
I was shocked the first time when I knew Fourier transformtion. It is amazing that nearly any function could be expanded as a sum of simple sine ...


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